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Portside Business Park is Steamships’ latest business venture, developed and managed by Pacific Palms Property (PPP), which aims to be the central hub for integrated solutions for businesses that build PNG. Strategically positioned in Port Moresby’s logistics, shipping, and industrial zone, Portside Business Park is 38 hectares of prime land with a secure state lease.

“Portside Business Park presents a rare and unique opportunity for investors to secure a diversity of commercial spaces that have efficient road connectivity to Port Moresby’s key economic centres, have direct access to international and domestic shipping channels, and accommodates fit-for-purpose industrial infrastructure ” says Russel Sy, CEO, Pacific Palms Property
Sy added “with convenient amenities and planned services, Portside Business Park will be the strategic and secure location of choice for long-term investors.”

The industrial park aims to meet the growing demand for bulk storage, accommodation, and logistics solutions driven by the PNG LNG projects in the coming years. To facilitate this, Pacific Palms Property is embarking on a comprehensive infrastructural expansion project that includes the construction of roads and bulk services within the development. The road and bulk services works will be carried out in multiple phases, with the first phase expected to commence in the first quarter of 2024. This phased approach ensures efficient progress and timely completion of the project, allowing Pacific Palms Property to effectively cater to the increased demand.

Negotiations are underway for the construction of a 20,000-square-meter super depot, specifically designed to provide container storage and handling services to Steamships Logistics and international stakeholders. This depot will greatly enhance the logistical capabilities of Portside Business Park, attracting more businesses to the region. The completion of the yard is projected to be in the third quarter of 2024.

At Portside Business Park, clients have the flexibility to utilize their preferred service providers, they also have the advantage of accessing PNG’s most reputable and highly experienced specialist within the Steamships Logistics Division in the likes of – Consort Express Lines, East West Transport, Pacific Towing, and JV Port Services who will be operating from Portside Business Park.
This comprehensive suite of logistics services can be tailored to cater to customer’s requirements which cover road and sea transport from standard cargo to more complex heavy and bulk project lifts.

Pacific Palms Property remains committed to meeting the evolving needs of businesses and ensuring seamless operations within the Portside Business Park. The infrastructure expansion project signifies Pacific Palms Property’s alignment with Steamships dedication to supporting the growth and development of the region’s economy.